Self-exclusion and setting time and amount limits

Self-exclusion is a process by which the player himself requests the provider of betting services or other games of chance services to exclude him from accessing these services for a specific or indefinite period of time. During this period, the player will not be able to place a bet for any amount on the websites from which he was self-excluded.

Some measures by which the provider of betting services helps the player to manage effectively his time and money are the following:

  • The player can determine the limit he may bet on for a specific period of time
  • The player can determine the limit he may lose for a specific time
  • The player can determine the limit of time within which he may bet and
  • The player can be exempt from betting for a specific or indefinite time

In this way, the player can ensure that he will not have access to the websites that he normally uses and which are familiar to him for the provision of these services.                               

In addition to self-exclusion from betting websites, the player also has the ability to set a specific maximum amount of money that he can place on a bet or lose over a specific period of time. In other words, in addition to setting a limit on the amount, the player is also able to set the period of time during which he can place bets (e.g. the player may set as a maximum amount he can bet on a particular website will be €40 per month).

Further to the money limit, the player can also determine the time period in which he can place a bet. The player may place time restrictions on his account, so that he gambles within the time period he chooses (e.g. the player sets a time limit so as he cannot gamble while he is at work).

According to the Cyprus betting legislation, the option of self-exclusion and the option of setting money and time limits, must be provided by all licenced online bookmakers. The provider of online betting services has an obligation to comply with this requirement in order to assist the player. Nevertheless, the player is ultimately responsible to comply.

Installation of blocking and protection software

A blocking software is a computer software program that restricts access to websites which are available online.

There are two kinds of blocking and protection software:

Α. Generic blocking software designed to block access to websites selected by individuals and to set parental controls.

Specialised software for blocking betting sites

The website provides some examples of software that block websites which are provided either for free or for a fee, but encourages interested persons to do their own research and to decide themselves based on their own criteria. This website cannot, in any event, be held responsible for the software that the player will choose to install.

  • Netnanny. General blocking software for Windows, iOS and Android.
  • K9webprotection. General blocking software for Windows, iOS and Mac.
  • Gamblock. Software for blocking betting sites. Available for Windows and Android.
  • Betfilter. Software for blocking betting sites. Available on Windows, Mac and iOs.

The installation of blocking and protection software is a first step towards safe gambling, but if you are worried either about yourself or for a close person, the website provides support, guidance and advice. Find and follow tips for safe gambling or talk to a specialised advisor and share your concerns with them for free, in a safe and confidential environment.