The National Betting Authority (NBA) was established in 2012 and is governed by the Betting Law of 2019 (Law 37 (I) 2019). It is an independent regulatory authority with financial independence and autonomy.

Its main responsibility is the licensing and supervision of the betting activity on sports or other events within the Republic of Cyprus. Among its main responsibilities are the issuing of Class A (land-based betting) and Class B (online betting) licenses to bookmakers and authorized agents, carrying out onsite inspections, supervising licensees, as well as drafting and issuing Directives that facilitate law implementation.

The inspections conducted by the Authority aim to ensure that the betting activity is legal, transparent and fair, complying with the regulations, that the profits are paid to the players, the taxes are paid to the government and the contributions to the Authority, and that the betting activity complies with the legal and regulatory framework.

Furthermore, the Authority is responsible for the implementation of preventive measures for the protection of young people and vulnerable groups from gambling addiction, such as issuing regulations on the protection of young people and pathological gamblers. Gambling addiction can affect negatively the players and their families, which is why the Authority is taking all necessary measure for preventing gambling addiction, as well as cultivating a safer gambling mentality among young people. The cornerstone of this effort is the cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders both in Cyprus and abroad.

The National Betting Authority has set the following objectives in order to protect the players and public; these objectives are outlined more thoroughly in the Safer Gambling Action Plan

  1. Create the conditions for stakeholders to protect society from potential harms related to gambling
  2. Increase awareness on safer gambling strategies, resources and support
  3. Provide support to individuals who are affected by gambling related harm to safeguard public health
  4. Develop effective programs, policies and initiatives that ensure safer gambling