• What is my risk?

The activities described in the Illegal Betting link are considered unlawful and involve a risk for people who do not comply with the legal framework. If these people – whether are betting or gambling providers or individuals who bet or gamble – are engaged in one of the activities that are considered to be illegal, shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable to pecuniary or judicial penalties depending on the nature of the offense.

  • How can I know whether I am accessing an illegal website / illegal premises?

The National Betting Authority, which is the competent authority for overseeing and controlling betting activities in Cyprus, has posted a list on its website containing licensed premises for the provision of Class A betting services which operate legally in the Republic of Cyprus. Any premises which are not included in this list are illegal and betting is not permitted to be carried out in these premises.

The list of licensed Class B bookmakers (online betting) which are licensed by the Authority is posted on its website. There is also a blocking list available at the link blocking.nba.com.cy in respect of websites which are not licensed by the Authority as Class B bookmakers and/or which provide illegal betting services.

Lists of licensed bookmakers and premises

Licensed premises for the provision of Class A betting services

Licensed companies providing Class B betting services