Gambling is very attractive to young people. If a friend or a person your age is engaged in gambling, you may also feel the need to participate. You may also feel that this is a good way to cope with stress, boredom or monotony in your daily life. Easy access and your ability to use technology, enables daily contact with betting and gambling activities and you may be attracted to participate.

Nevertheless, when this activity stops being fun and becomes a big part of your day, then life can become pretty messy. If you feel that gambling has taken up a significant part of your life, this website, in collaboration with PERSEAS Counselling Centre for Adolescents and Families, can help you regain the control that you have lost.

We are here for you. In order to directly communicate with PERSEAS Counselling Centre for Adolescents and Families please call 1456 and talk with an Advisor in a confidential manner.

Signs that may indicate that you have a gambling addiction problem
  • You spend less time with your friends and you find excuses to spend your time gambling
  • You feel stressed or you are upset because of your gambling activities
  • You are more concerned with betting or the odds than with the actual game on which you have placed a bet
  • You are often absent from school or university or your results and grades have been drastically diminished
  • You have a sudden interest in anything that has to do with gambling and you are constantly placing bets
  • You ask your family and friends to lend you money
  • You often have fights with your family about your excessive gambling or you lie about where you spend your money
  • You try to win back the money that you lost by betting more money on another bet
What can you do to help yourself?

If you believe you are facing a problem or that you are at the early stages of gambling addiction, you can initially talk with someone you feel comfortable with and whom you trust. You should not be ashamed or feel guilty for the problem that you are facing and be sure that you can get the right help.

    • You can call 1456 to speak with a specialised Advisor regarding your problem, keeping your anonymity in a confidential environment
    • You can talk to your family or to a close friend and ask for their advice
    • You can talk to one of your teachers or with the counselling services at your school or university

Once you have talked to someone about your gambling problem, then everything will become easier for you and you will be ready for the next step.