The website was created and is being operated under the auspices of the National Betting Authority. It falls within the framework of social responsibility strategy and safer gambling for the purpose of protecting the public and especially minors, young adults and vulnerable groups, as defined in the Authority’s strategic action plan.


The National Betting Authority, recognizing and understanding the negative consequences of addiction to betting and gambling in society, especially for young and vulnerable groups, has developed and implemented a specific strategy to prevent, confront and combat addictive behaviours and pathological gambling. The Authority’s main concern is to protect the public and to cultivate a safer gambling culture in order to prevent addiction and to maintain the percentage at relatively low rates. The Authority has identified the following priority areas for action to reduce the spread of problematic gaming and to minimize its negative effects:

  • Education of society and stakeholders
  • Promotion of safer gambling
  • Prevention and combating gambling addiction
  • Protection of young people and vulnerable social groups from gambling addiction



The aim of the website is to provide information, support and guidance to people affected by betting and gambling, both to players themselves and to their family and their social environment. This is achieved by education, prevention and communication in order to raise awareness regarding betting and gambling problems, as well as by developing, enhancing and maintaining a safer gambling philosophy in order to prevent excessive or reckless waste of money and pathological gambling in general. In particular, the individual objectives of the website are the following:

  • Advices and strategies for safer gambling,
  • Information about self-protection measures that a player can adopt during his engagement in gambling activities,
  • Mobilization for finding targeted treatment for addicted players and, at the same time, support for families and friends, where deemed necessary,
  • Effective and specialized advice and support,
  • Seamless and effective operation of the website.