The signs of gambling addiction are not visible and they are difficult to detect since the problematic involvement with such activities is not a physical illness. Instead, addiction causes changes to the behaviour of the player who is addicted, which are manifested towards his family and his close environment, as well as changes in his daily life and routine.

More specifically, the person displaying addictive behaviour to gambling presents one or more of the following symptoms:

  • is irritable or in a bad mood or fights with the persons around him for insignificant reasons
  • spends less time for family activities or social activities and going out.
  • stops engaging in activities that interest him or disappears from home for an unjustified or long period of time
  • makes failed attempts to control, reduce or stop his engagement in gambling activities
  • is interested to an excessive extent with betting odds and is overly interested in forecasts and games
  • tends to borrow money from his family and friends
  • is unjustifiably absent from work and his productivity is reduced
  • is not in the mood to become involved in anything else other than betting or gambling.
  • is tensed and anxious when he cannot play.
  • has unpaid bills, successive loans and other debts, overcharged credit cards, uncovered bills and money is missing from the family income for an unjustified reason, in order for the person to cover his gambling behaviour.