Bet means any type of bet carried out on sporting or other events by a number of natural persons who participate in the same, under the condition that the winnings of every player are determined by the person who organises the bet, prior to or at the time of processing the bet, with reference, not only to the amount each player has paid for his participation in the bet, but also with regard to the fixed return odd of the particular bet and which is carried out following a licence for a Class A (land-based) or B (online) bet.


The role of betting in our lives

Betting constitutes part of human behaviour since ancient times, and is considered as a form of entertainment and amusement. From lotteries and bets during the Middle Ages, to the current age of modern betting premises, betting has always been a social activity that combined entertainment with profit.

According to recent studies worldwide concerning the percentage of the population involved in betting activities, the majority of people (around 95%) stay within their limits and spend only as much money as they are able to lose.


Do you belong in the 95%???

… that perceive betting as an entertaining activity?

… that spend time with friends using betting as a way of socialization?

… that become more interested over a sporting or other event when they bet on it?

… that engage in betting as a way of spending their free time?


If you identify with any of the above, then you are staying in control of how much time and money you spend on gambling and you are seeing gambling as a form of entertainment and as a healthy activity to spend your free time.