Apart from providing information and guidance on issues related to gambling problems and providing education regarding responsible gaming, the website also cooperates with organizations and services providing counselling and treatment in respect of problems caused by various types of addiction. These organisations and services have Advisors with specialized education, appropriate training and expertise to address addiction problems of all forms. The organisations and services provide the opportunity to meet their Advisors in order to provide personalized assistance and support on the issues that concern you. Through the programs and treatment interventions offered, they can support and assist people who are engaged in betting and gambling activities, as well as their family members.       

Important: The website’s aim is to inform the public and raise awareness on betting addiction and also serves as a link to services and treatment and rehabilitation programs in respect of gambling.

As a result, whenever you feel that you are experiencing a serious problem, contact the specialised Advisors by calling 1454 or 1456.

Multiple Intervention Centre, Mental Health Services of the Ministry of Health (MIC)

The Multiple Intervention Centre provides a treatment program for pathological gambling. The goal is to implement and maintain complete abstinence from any gambling behaviour and to develop a healthy lifestyle, away from addictions.

The program is addressed to:

  • Adults over the age of 22 who are at the stage of loss, who spend more and more time gambling and who are gradually starting to lose control
  • Adults over the age of 22 who have lost control and gambling has started to take over their everyday life
  • Family members or friends of the person facing gambling problems, in order to provide support and mobilize the person who has a problem to ask for treatment

The services are offered with absolute confidentiality and anonymity and are supported by a properly staffed group with training and professional skills in the field of addictions (psychologists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists).

The services are provided free of charge to everyone.

The treatment program which is followed, addresses pathological gambling as a bio-psychosocial phenomenon.

The treatment process is based on the Model of Stages of Change as described by DiClemente and Prochaska (Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance), and aims at:

  • Strengthening and understanding the effects of gambling, as well as overcoming resistance to change
  • First contact of the affected family members with the program
  • Examining the person's ambivalence if he really wants to change the gambling behaviour. Furthermore, it aims at balancing of decisions, exploring the benefits and losses that the change will bring
  • Encouraging a person to start a range of new behaviours based on the acquisition of new knowledge, insights, attitudes and skills
  • Developing skills to deal with high-risk situations and practicing new skills to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle

The therapeutic interventions of Multiple Intervention Centre include::

  • Individual counselling and treatment
  • Group Treatment
  • Advice on the management of finances
  • Psychological education
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family Treatment
  • Couples Treatment
  • Relatives Support Group

The Centre has the 1454 helpline for issues related to problematic or pathological engagement in gambling activities.

The main objectives of the helpline are:

  • Direct access to information concerning gambling problems
  • Crisis assistance and support
  • Direct support for dealing with high-risk situations
  • First contact with the treatment program

The helpline is addressed to:

  • Persons with problematic engagement in gambling activities and their wider family and friends circle
  • Professionals in the field
  • The wider public

Working hours 1454:       

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00-17:00
  • Wednesday, Friday: 8:00-15:00

During non-working hours, you can leave a message to the answering machine and MIC’s advisors will call you back.

In addition to this program, there are treatment programs at the Multiple Intervention Center that deal with illegal and legal drugs addiction (such as medication and alcohol).

  1. Early intervention Program
    This is a short-term seven (7) month program which targets experimental, casual and/or more frequent users of illicit substances over 22 years old, who remain functional in various areas of their lives. The aim is to mobilize the individual for complete abstinence from any addiction behaviour.

  2. External Program for psychological treatment from illicit substances
    The program is aimed at functioning adults that are users of illegal psychoactive substances. It does not promote the use of any substitutes. The goal is for current users to detox from illegal substances and to maintain abstinence, as well as to adopt a healthy lifestyle away from substances.

  3. Alcohol and other legal substances treatment program
    It is a treatment program whose aim is to mobilize, abstain and maintain abstinence of users from legal substances (such as medication and alcohol).
    Target group: adults that present a frequent/problematic use that have adequate functionality in their everyday life.

Tel: +357 22 465 616
Fax: +357 22 465 620
Email: [email protected]

PERSEAS Counselling Centre for Adolescents and Family

The PERSEAS Counselling Centre for Adolescents and Family responds to the particular needs of every adolescent/young adult who is up to 22 of age as well as his family, through group and personalized, intensive or short-term interventions. Its goal is for every family member to be able to evolve and acquire more effective ways of communication and relationships, as well as useful parenting and life skills. Treatment programs aim at intervening as fast as possible to stop an adolescent/young adult from becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol or other addictive behaviours (gambling/internet).

Short-Term Intervention Program

It is targeted at experimental/occasional users of substances and their families. The aim is to give young people the opportunity to make choices and reflect on and change their attitude towards the use of addictive substances. It also has the following goals:

  • Enhancement and support of the family system
  • Development and establishment of operational relationships based on communication
  • Creating and strengthening parental alliance

Duration: 3-6 months

Intensive Care Program

It is aimed at adolescents and young adults with systemic use, as well as their parents (there are 2 parallel programs which run separately for parents and adolescents and young adults).


  • Abstention and stabilization of abstinence
  • Developing a responsible attitude and autonomy of the adolescent/young adult
  • Personal development of the adolescent/young adult
  • Individual targets for parents and adolescents/young adults:
  • Developing relapse prevention skills
  • Accepting limits, assuming responsibilities and tasks
  • Developing interests, healthy entertainment, relationships, educational and professional skills
  • Developing emotional management skills
  • Redefining roles and family hierarchy
  • Development of substance-deterrent skills
  • Facilitating the delineation of relationships between children and parents
  • Facilitating the smooth outcome of adolescence and autonomy of the adolescent/young adult

Duration: 6 - 9 months (average frequency 2-3 sessions weekly)

Program for the Engagement of Parents

It is aimed at parents of adolescents and young adults who systematically use substances, whose children have not sought treatment.


  • Supporting, empowering and engaging parents to motivate their children to seek help
  • Creating a strong parental coalition that supports each parent
  • Engaging parents to develop a dissuasive attitude towards substance use

Duration: 6 months (group, family and individual framework)

Helpline: 1456

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:00- 15:00

Address: Stageiron 2 & 4, 2046 Strovolos - Nicosia
Tel.  22464292 Fax. 22305410
Email: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: PERSEAS Counselling Centre


Counselling Centre "Apofasizo"

The counselling centre "Apofasizo" is a free service for treating addiction, which was established by the Cyprus Institute of Psychotherapy under the auspices of the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus.

It provides free psychological and psychotherapeutic services to persons addicted to drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling (offline and online) and other harmful addictions. The Centre provides intensive psychotherapy and counselling (3 times a week), at an individual and group level and provides support to the family of persons in treatment whenever is necessary.

Helpline: 70005537

Working Hours:

  • Monday until Friday 10:00-19:00

Address: 19 Zinonos Kitieos str., 02, Nicosia
Tel: 70005537
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]