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Responsible Gaming

PRESS RELEASE – Advice to the public on protection measures for online gambling

Responsible Gaming Awareness Week October 8th-14th 2018
3rd Safer Gambling Week 5-11 October 2020

PRESS RELEASE – Advice to the public on protection measures for online gambling

Taking into consideration the latest developments and the measures taken by the Government to protect public health and to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus – including the mandatory suspension of the operations of all land-based betting premises for 4 weeks-, the National Betting Authority would like to inform the public about some practical measures to protect themselves from any negative consequences of online gambling.

The reduced supply of betting products, as a result of the postponement of most of the world championships, may drive a portion of the public to engage in illegal online gambling. Therefore, the Authority informs the public on the following:

  • You should be informed about the online bookmakers that are legal and licensed by the Authority, before you start gambling online. You can find the licensees’ register here. In addition, it is important to read the terms and conditions of any online licensed bookmaker. Participation in illegal gambling is a criminal offense, and if convicted, the person is liable to imprisonment of up to one year or/and of a fine of up to €50.000.
  • When you are registered on a licensed online betting bookmaker, you ensure that the money you have deposited is safe, the terms and conditions that you have agreed will be respected and your personal details are secures. The Authority is not responsible for the investigation of player complaints for illegal gambling companies and cannot protect the players against fraudulent acts from illegal companies.
  • You should be aware that, when registered on licensed bookmakers, you can set time and money limits, as well as opt-out or self-exclude from gambling activities for that specific bookmaker. Learn more about the self-exclusion options through the licensed online bookmaker’s website.
  • Do not forget to keep gambling fun and not as a way to “make” money
  • If you are worried about you gambling activity, or if you are worried about a loved one that may show signs of problematic gambling, you can contact the free helpline 1454, where you can get confidential support and guidance by professionals.

In recent weeks, the Authority has received numerous complaints from the public about illegal betting and gambling companies. Our primary goal is the protection of the public and the smooth functioning of the online legal betting activities, so we encourage the public to follow the above measures.

We will continue to monitor developments of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and we are ready to take action, where and when required, to achieve the goal of protecting the community.

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