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Responsible Gaming

Article – Everyone wins with responsible gaming

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Responsible Gaming Awareness Week October 8th-14th 2018

Article – Everyone wins with responsible gaming

The limits gamers should set for themselves so as to not lose control

Since antiquity, gaming has been a part of human behaviour, as a form of fun and entertainment. From mythology’s Goddess of Tyche (fortune) and betting on the ancient Olympic Games, to the lotteries in mediaeval times and the current era of betting premises and online gambling operators, gaming has always been a social pastime that combines entertainment with profit.

Gaming can be a form of entertainment provided gamers apply certain strategies that will prevent them from getting carried away and losing control. According to international studies that have been carried out in recent years on the gambling population, the vast majority (95%) keep it within the realms of a social pastime and spend only as much as they can afford. So how does one become a responsible gamer?

To begin with, gamers must be in a position to control how much time and money is spent on gambling. Ensuring that they are aware of the odds of the game, they do not wager more than they can lose and generally they should not look at gaming as a means of winning money. If you are interested in gaming as a pastime, then set initially the money and time limits you are willing to dedicate and avoid gambling to recoup sums that you lost, because in gambling the odds are against you. It is equally important to ensure you only take with you the amount you can afford to bet and not credit cards, so you are not tempted to spend bigger sums than you can afford.

Time is also of the essence. If you are a gamer, make sure to balance the time you spend on gambling with the rest of your activities and pastimes, so that it does not become a burden on the rest of your daily life. Finally, avoid gaming if you are not in a good mood, as our emotional state affects the way in which we bet, and do not consume alcohol, as it can affect your attitude and judgement.

Gaming can be a healthy and pleasant activity, if you set your own limits correctly. For more information on responsible gaming, you may visit the site of the National Betting Authority